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Building a Poker Bankroll

How To Build a Poker Bankroll

This article will help you build a poker bankroll - Please note this is my own strategy and I am not a poker pro but I am a winning poker player.

Picking a Poker Site

The first thing to do when wanting to make some money with online poker is to decide which site you will play at. You must look at two important factors – level of competition and bonus money awarded. You want your starting deposit to be as big as possible and depositing at a site with a big bonus will help your starting bankroll grow right away.

Personally I think the best poker rooms to choose that have a low level of competition and a good bonus are Titan Poker and Cake Poker. Both rooms offer a $500 bonus that will be released through real money play. The competition at both rooms is overall a bit weaker than most rooms.

Figuring Out Your Limits

When picking a table to play at, you need to first know what limits you should be looking at. With many theories used, I have come to a decision that you should have roughly 500x the amount of the big blind in your bankroll. For example, if you want to play at the .50/$1 NL tables your bankroll should be roughly $500. This range allows you to make sure you are not playing ‘scared’, because you know you have enough money in your bankroll to cover a few bad beats.

Your next thing to look at when sitting down at a table is your buy-in to that specific table. When sitting down at the tables you will want to play with the maximum allowed. This will allow for proper play at the tables.

Moving Down Limits

You will want to make sure you move back down limits if you begin losing. A lot of players will miss this important step because they take pride in playing the higher limits. You will never build a proper bankroll if you are not moving down limits when needed.

Getting Up From The Table

This is an important part in the success of building a bankroll. As a poker player you will need to know when you are going on tilt or not on your game. If your head is not in the game or your emotions are getting the best of you, get up from the table and take a break. Come back to the tables when you have cleared your mind and are ready to dominate again!

Using the above tips on how to build a poker bankroll, and a little bit of practice, you should do fine building your poker bankroll.

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