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CD Poker Coupon Code

CD Poker Bonus

CD Poker has released an exclusive new coupon code that players can use when signing up in order to get a bonus up to $500.  The special CD Poker coupon code is HUGECD (lower case letters).  Players who enter this coupon code will receive a 150% match of their first real money deposit up to $500 for free.  As an example if your first deposit is $200 and you use the special coupon code you will receive an extra $300 free from CD Poker.  This bonus will only be activated by players who enter the CD Poker coupon code HUGECD so make sure you don’t forget to write it down.

Where do I enter the CD Poker coupon code?

After visiting the CD Poker website you will need to download and install the poker software.  Once you have installed the CD Poker client you can open it and click on “create new account”.  This should bring you to a sign up form for CD Poker where you will be asked for your name, number, e-mail, etc.  At the bottom of this form you will see a field for a CD Poker coupon code; this is where you enter the coupon code HUGECD.  Continue on with your account registration and make your first deposit, your bonus money will then be credited to your account.

How do I clear the CD Poker coupon code bonus?

Like all poker bonuses the CD Poker bonus needs to be cleared by players to prevent bonus fraud.  The bonus will be awarded to players in $10 installments every time they collect 1200 ‘CDPoints’.  These CDPoints are earned by players simply by playing at the real money cash tables and tournaments.  The CDPoints are not hard to earn and come rather quickly. Up to 10 CDPoints will be awarded to players for each hand played at the cash tables and 15 points for every one dollar in tournament fee’s paid.  If you focus on playing poker and not on clearing your bonus you will see your account be credited with bonus money very often!

Why is CD Poker giving away free money to players?

CD Poker has decided to introduce this coupon code bonus to reward players for singing up and playing for real money.  CD Poker knows how much players love being treated well and have decided that a nice cash bonus will make them happy.  The free bonus money is awarded to all players who use the special CD Poker coupon code HUGECD.

Do play money players benefit from the CD Poker coupon code?

Yes and No.  Although the CD Poker coupon code bonus doesn’t do anything for players looking to just play for play money, it doesn’t hurt for them to enter the coupon code.  If play money players later decide they want to try out playing for a little bit of real money the bonus will be awarded to them on their first deposit.  So if you are just looking to play for fun enter the coupon code anyways just in case.

Spanish Translation - CD Poker Código de Cupón

German Translation - CD Poker Gutschein-Code

French Translation - CD Poker Numéro de Coupon


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