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PKR Poker Bonus Code

PKR 3D Poker Bonuses

The PKR Poker bonus is a 100% match bonus on your deposit up to $600. The PKR bonus code bonus is one of the biggest bonuses for an online poker room. In order to receive the special PKR bonus you must enter the bonus code 'PK800' when it asks you for a bonus code during registration. Visit PKR Poker now.


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PKR Overall Rating – 4.5 stars
PKR Bonus Rating - 5 stars

Overview – PKR poker is the most advanced online poker room ever created. The 3D graphics combined with the greatest features in online poker play makes PKR a unique poker experience. One of the most exciting features is that each player can do things such as chip tricks or taunt opponents during play. Along with the unreal software PKR also offers a fast clearing huge bonus.

PKR Poker Bonus Code – PKR Poker offers one of the highest bonuses in the poker industry. Using the bonus code PK800 will give PKR Poker players a 100% match of their first deposit up to $600. After following our PKR link and downloading the software, remember to use the PKR Poker bonus code PK800. You can find more about the PKR Poker Bonus Codes at this site. if you would like.

Example Deposit - Joe deposits $500 at PKR Poker after using the bonus code PK800. He will receive a PKR Poker bonus of $500.

Competition Level – PKR Poker is truly a site full of bad poker players. It is a VERY easy site to profit from. With the awesome graphics and animations bringing in thousands of new players everyday, the competition level continues to stay low at PKR Poker. The high bonus from the bonus code also draws in a lot of donkeys!

Tournaments – PKR Poker runs tons of great tournaments. It is very easy to find a tournament in your price range at all times of the day. PKR does a great job at offering freerolls and money added tournaments to give you a good chance at winning extra cash. They also have great weekly promotions such as bonus points or bounty tournaments.

In Conclusion – PKR Poker is at the top of online poker rooms. The crazy 3D graphics makes it a blast to sit down at the tables. If the 3D game play doesn’t excite you, then I am sure the $2000 bonus, when using the bonus code PK800, will make you want to play at PKR poker!

Visit PKR Poker

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