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Where to bet on UFC Fights

Bet on UFC

With UFC becoming one of the most popular sporting events in the United States it is also becoming a huge gambling network. Many people are looking to bet on UFC matches to make them more exciting and to win some money at the same time.

UFC betting odds are done using what they call 'moneylines'. Moneylines are adjusted so that betting on an underdog fighter will pay more than betting on the favourite. For example a UFC fight betting odds may look something like this:

Dan Henderson (+130)
Anderson Silva (-140)

This would mean Anderson Silva is favoured.
-140 means a $1.40 bet would pay out $1.00 in profit.
or $140 bet would pay out $100 in profit

Dan Henderson is the underdog.
+130 means a $1.00 bet would pay out $1.30 in profits
or $100 bet would pay out $130 in profits

We will be adding more UFC betting tips soon, but if you are ready to bet on UFC today then click on this Bovada sportsbook link. Bovada doesn't allow Canadian UFC fans to place bets - If you are Canadian check out the Bet on UFC in Canada guide which will help you find a sportsbook to place bets on up coming UFC events.

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